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Ashley Rogers of Kissimmee, Florida

This is Ashley Rogers of Kissimmee, Florida. She is 23 years old. Born Jan. 18, 1991. So where to begin…My husband and I have been together for 16 plus years and have three beautiful children. The ironic part is the whore’s name is one of our daughter’s names and the age of our other. All I can say is what I have learned makes me literally sick to my core. They met at work on 3rd shift; so while I was at home with our children little did I know what was going on. She knew from the beginning that he was married with children. She was dating for 4 plus years another coworker. The very first night they hung out, she had sex with my husband in our family car. (What class) I busted him that night when he came home. I called her and told her to stay away from my husband. She then pursued him more. For the next week they hung out after work until they went and got a cheap nasty motel room. After 4 days she was asking him to move with her. And after that 4 days he wound up with herpes on his face! His nose literally was crusty and oozing!! Guess he should’ve ate at home! When our children figured out what was going on they each wrote him a letter telling him how much they hated him. That got his attention. So he broke it off immediately. Now he is trying to come crawling back to me. Bwaaaahahaha!! Seriously? He went to the clinic and he now has herpes, a staph infection and gonorrhea all compliments of her. No joke!! Karma is not only a bitch but now his lifelong partner. This is one nasty homewrecker. If she was an animal they would euthanize her. This is a public service announcement to warn everyone that she is the nastiest, most diseased, classless female. Seriously don’t fall for her disguise of skittled colored hair to distract you from the infections she has oozing on her body. Did I mention she has a son that she isn’t even a mother to because she dumped him on her mother. She is certainly setting a gleaming example of what he should aspire to be when he gets older. So take this as fair warning that if you’re a guy and you go anywhere near her your penis is definitely in jeopardy!!

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