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Brandy Bodenheimer of New Orleans, Louisiana

My boyfriend and I had been together for 2 years when he started working at cafe Masperos in the french quarter where he met this pathetic excuse for a human being, after months of working with my husband and she clearly new about me because we were both friends with several other employees, my bf and i was having problems because i was working a lot of hours starting a new business, i didn’t know that from day one she constantly threw herself and flirted with him, well after months of me working 16 hour days i come home one night and my BF had moved out with out saying a word… and moved in with this low rent classless trash. The next morning i awoke to my bf calling me asking to come over, that’s when he told me that things have been bad for us for a few months and he was going to stay with Brandi, but they were just friends, but she was already posting New relationship statuses on FB , i got her last name from a co worker of theirs and looked her up after he left. I was devastated naturally, i loved him with all my heart. I couldn’t believe this tramp had seen my bf in a time of weakness and acted as a friend to console him and talked him into leaving me for him, i know this because a month after he left (he called me everyday) he finally asked me if he can get back with me that he was sorry for all he did and assured me it would never happen again, I said yes but i had conditions, see when he left i fell into a deep depression, i didn’t care about anyone or anything, i neglected my new business and lost my partnership, so i left my apartment and went Anne stayed in a hotel, when i agreed to let him come back, it was under the condition he had to play her and break her heart as mine was shattered . So i told him how to play her See she was so desperate she would and. Will do anything for the attention of ANY man, so i intructed him to tell her that things were moving to fast and he still wanted to be with her but he wanted to stay in a hotel…..but he couldnt afford it and i instructed him to ask her to pay for it, she did…every week for a month along with our cell phone bills and cash when asked, during this time i instructed him to only see her when i wanted her money and string her along the entire time. Finally i had enough and i took his cell phone and dialed her phone.,she eagerly answered the phone expecting him, but i was on the other line and i told her that we were back together and thanked her for paying my bills and instructed that if she ever tried to contact him i would break her face! I made him quit his job and now it’s been 2 years we are married and living happyily, i forgave him but i will never forget, i keep him on a tight leash and he is still making up for what he did. Some times menmake mistakes and you can get back on track, but this worthless tramp it’s disgusting. After this she did again to another man that was working with her and convinced him to leave his wife. Im thankful to have made it through her evil tricks

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