Where Liars and Cheaters Live!

Bridget Marie Gallagher (Kelly) of Circle Pines, Minnesota

This disgusting woman gave my husband herpes! I would like to make it very well known and ask that if you see this post and live in the Twin Cities area you show her picture to your boyfriends/husband’s and let them know she’s a dirty, dirty woman! Her name is Bridget Marie Gallagher, formerly Bridget Marie Kelly. She lives in Circle Pines, Minnesota with HER HUSBAND’S mother. She is supposedly separated from her husband, but she’s still married and has a young daughter to boot. She has no business going to bars and seducing married men to spread her nasty disease. She also has a lovely reputation for being a drug dealer selling pot to people outside the bars she frequents. My husband and I have been married for over 3 years. I am an RN and work swing shifts, sometimes overnights, sometimes doubles and don’t really care if my husband goes out with his buddies if I’m not home on the weekend due to work. He works corporate Mon-Fri, and we don’t have kids. We are both in our late 20’s and he’s never displayed signs of being unhappy or wanting to cheat. We have our spats, but all around I thought things were good with us. We were even talking about starting a family in the next year or two, after we sold the town house and got something a little bigger.. Well, he came to me crying about 5 months ago, because he had sores on his penis. He sure as hell didn’t get that from me! He told me he was black-out drunk the first time he was with her, but that he slept with her “a couple more” times, whatever that means?? This could have been going on for months and he’s making it sound like it was just a “slip up” or something. I’m grateful he told me he got this nasty woman’s disease before he and I had sex again. He also told me he had spoken to her in the bar prior to that first “drunk” night because she’s almost always there whenever he goes and said she always comes on really strong (well yeah, because she’s obviously a slut).

So she knew prior to seducing my husband that he is married and that didn’t stop her from continuing to try to get him to sleep with her. At this point I’m sure if he hadn’t contracted something from her I doubt I would have ever found out about this. I always trusted him, and would have probably never even thought to check his phone or think he was out doing something he shouldn’t with his friends. After he told me what he did, I asked for more information about her. He told me she works part time as an assistant, and that’s why she sells pot for extra cash. She should be embarrassed for herself, and her daughter. I got her phone number from my husband and called her. She’s not only a home wrecker, she’s what I can only describe as mentally ill. She actually thinks she did nothing wrong! She told me if I had pleased my husband right his wouldn’t have happened. Wow, that’s bold coming from someone who’s separated?? Maybe she figured since she couldn’t make her marriage last she could steal mine? I told her she can have him, now that he’s got her filthy disease. She denied giving it to him also. Well, considering she’s the town whore I have a hard time believing she’s clean. I’ve filed for divorce from my husband and everyone keeps telling me I’m so lucky we haven’t had children yet. I don’t feel lucky, my life is completely uprooted. I have missed work due to stress and depression over this woman destroying my marriage. I feel like I will never trust a man again, when I thought he was my best friend who would never do something so hurtful. I am never, ever going to forgive them for this. Ladies, you’ve been warned about her, now tell your husbands, before she continues spreading her sores around town!

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