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David Smith, Texas

I slept with DAVID SMITH his wife is Elayne Smith. I befriended her on fb (now you can too) anonymously spoke to her and now i regret it.she’s sweet and gorgeous and to good for him. I hope someone reads this and let’s her know he’s a creep. Or someone can message him and give […]

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Xbox Troll

Jena Schoniger, an overweight ugly loser who spends her time playing Xbox and befriending strange men. She asked by boyfriend for his phone number under the guise of getting gamer tips. Then she obsessively called and texted him over a 10 month period. Even after I caught her, she didn’t stop. She tried to hide […]

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Krystal Dickerson lives in Waco Texas. She lives in the Lacy Landing Apts. She burnt me. She said she had a boyfriend in jail, needed money & a car. Made me believe she wanted to be with me. I caught her cheating on me with a married man. She told him the same thing, she […]

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Rebecca Ruiz of Texas

What started out as a browse thru the cell phone bill to try and figure out what we could do to save money turned into an affair exposed. I found out my husband was seeing this woman for over a year. Although she claims she was ashamed of her actions, she continued this affair for […]

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