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Craigh L. Salazar of Craig Effort, Pennsylvania

Well my ex-wife and Craigh L. Salazar worked in the same building in Bridgewater NJ. Being they are both smokers they would see each other while out in the back of the building. Well on 8/21 2:50 pm, he asked her for her cell phone number and that’s when it all started. Within just a few text messages they are complimenting each other’s looks and flirting. The end of his day came and he left for home but texted her and offered to come back to the office to see her again. Well he did and they talked, she has now came out and said they she was telling Craigh about me and our kids, so he was told she was married and saw her ring. That very next day, I showed up at their job and called him asking him to come outside but the coward didn’t. Every time I showed up at their job, he would RUN away and hide. At the time I was able to see all messages and location of her phone but she wasn’t aware of this. Just a few days after they meet, I tried calling her after work and she didn’t answer, so yes i tracked her cell and grabbed a baseball bat and went for a ride. I was speeding and as my navigation said you have arrived I saw their cars in a park. I quickly turned in and parked just passed the spots they were in. I jump out bat in hand and Mr. coward puts his Volvo in reverse and speeds off but not before getting a dent on the rear quarter panel. I can go on with EVERY detail of their affair from the blow jobs in parking lots to him performing oral followed by unprotected sex in his Ford Escape. He would always text her pet names, his favorite to use was “Baby Girl” and text her songs asking she listen to them “Sean Paul – Got 2 Luv U Ft. Alexis Jordan” being one of them. He knew what to say and was able to get her to leave me after 12 years of marriage. We have one 12 year old daughter and I raised her two other children from prior relationships as my own. She was so in love with him and all of his premises’ she didn’t even fight me for custody of my daughter, or fight for the house (yes, I kept the house too). She was too happy to leave me to start a life with him and blind to see that he also had a family at home in Effort Pennsylvania. He would tell her how he has custody of his son and had just recently felt sorry his baby momma as she was homeless and let her move in with he and his son. Being she was homeless and he was just letting her stay there to be kind, my ex even started looking for a place for the two of them to move in together away from his baby momma. Well within 6 months of them exchanging their first text message, we are now divorced. It was easy to do as she was SO excited to be out of our marriage and ready to start a new life with her new love, she didn’t fight me on anything. Craigh – You’re a coward punk ass bitch. You were man enough to last two minutes with her in your car, give me 30 seconds. Lastly – I have everything documented from text messages to GPS locations dates, times, and all of the proof anyone would ever want, this is NOT Slander or Character Defamation. If you know Craigh’s baby momma and she has any questions feel free to post them.

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