Where Liars and Cheaters Live!

Cynthia Medina of New Mexico

This woman dated the man and father of my children in highschool almost 35 years ago. Me and my now ex have two beautiful kids under the age of 5 . We also lived together for 4 1/2 years . Her cousin is friends with my ex . Last year his friend told her cousin Cynthia to get ahold of my then boyfriend . They started talking in oct. Texting everyday . One day in December he accused me of being unfaithful ( I never was ) . After my birthday in March he told me that he met a millionaire ( Cynthia ) who wanted to get me a house so I could leave him . Come to find out this woman told him if she left me she would take care of him and help me out . But here’s the kicker she had to divorce her husband who she has a real estate analyst company with in Florida. So this ” lady”couldn’t respect her own marriage so it is not surprising she had no respect for my family . On July 5th she moved next door . And two days later I found him with her along with his mother and step dad . Apparently they had a welcome home dinner for her while me and my kids were home . Nine days later I recieved a restraining order from him which he filed the day before she came down . I was left homeless and of course with out my kids . Meanwhile this classless old lady said she was going to build them a home . She said she’s loved him her whole life and he ” was her life goal ” lol . He only talked about her money to me and she said she didn’t care that she was rich and willing to take care of him . She’s also moved in with him . But not before she had to go back to Florida to officially divorce her poor husband who no doubt thanks his lucky stars she left . She has no remorse about anything since my ex was her love when she was 15 years old . She’s so old looking . And isn’t what most consider beautiful I have to wonder if it isn’t her money he finds attractive . She’s already bought him lots of things . Maybe I’m bitter but I still say she’s a home wrecker.

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