Where Liars and Cheaters Live!

Dr. Eric A. Haas, MD – Bothell, Washington

I just heard about this guy through a friend of mine. Dr. Eric Haas is a cardiologist in Everett or Lynnwood and then was fired for having sex with his patients and compulsively lying. He worked as an internal medicine doctor in Lynnwood and got fired from that job as well for taking his patients pain medications for himself. I think he lost his medical license completely. His poor wife is a dentist and she just opened a new dental office and they have two young kids. This jerk had his married girlfriend he was cheating on his wife with go see his wife for her dental treatment! Dr. Eric Haas apparently fell in love and was all set to leave his wife of 15 years and kids after a couple of nights with a very fat, horribly ugly (I saw a picture of her on the internet) married woman at the Motel 6! My friend said Dr. Eric Haas wife is super nice and a really good dentist and showed me a picture of her off her website and she is beautiful. After Dr. Haas reveals the 1 week affair to his wife Dr. Eric Haas tells his wife that he is leaving her to run off with his married girlfriend. The married girlfriend then promptly dumps Dr. Eric Haas and sues him for sexual harassment and medical negligence. Dr. Eric Haas was not the only one being sued. This whore sued Dr. Eric Haas wife and his cardiologist group too. Dr. Eric Haas stood by and DID NOT help his wife when she was being sued by her husband’s mistress! He then did nothing when his mistress wrote bad reviews of his wife’s dental office on the internet. How could he not care about the future stability of his wife and kids? He is such a jerk. My friend said that Dr. Eric Haas wife lost 40 pounds in a couple of months because she was so stressed out and she almost had to permanently close her dental office. Dr. Eric Haas now prowls the internet looking for desperate women who will believe his lies long enough to have sex with him. Dr. Eric Haas wife found emails that showed him professing his love to anyone who will sleep with him. He has phony dating profiles stating he is a divorced physician. Dr. Eric Haas, M.D. is a perverted and compromised physician who lost his Washington State medical license as a cardiologist and internal medicine doctor. He does not pay child support and works a job driving a shuttle for minimum wage. He is so gross. BEWARE!!


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