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Jacy Santana Chapman of Sapulpa, Oklahoma

This is Jacy Santana Chapman. My husband had a child with her when he was in college (not on purpose) and she is such a home wrecking bitch. From the beggining of our relationship, she’s constantly tried to cause problems with me and my husband. Always trying to get back with him, sending him pictures of herself and hit him up for more money on top of what she gets for child support every month. She’s always tried to find a reason to talk to him and it was hardly ever about their child. He and I have always loved each other so obviously none of her immature schemes never worked. Now she won’t let him see his child but continues to gladly accept the money taken out of his check that her new boyfriend and his kid live off of. She thinks she can replace her real father with that loser. I’m sure she’d still be trying to wreck our marriage if he don’t block her. Just because she couldn’t make him cheat don’t mean she still didn’t try. It’s the same thing but a little worse because he didn’t go for it. Let’s put this bitch on blast and give credit where credit is due.

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