Where Liars and Cheaters Live!

Jennifer M. Pearson, Colden, New York

There is a cheater, user and a liar who lives in Colden, New York, her name is Jennifer M. Pearson (maiden Koscinch). She’s awful, she led me on, we went on a cruise. I found her at her ex’s husband’s house on multiple occasions, including the day we returned from the cruise and talked about our future together. She spins everything in to making you feel guilty in regard to her life and best yet, she’s got a government job. I fixed her Mother’s car, worked on her boat, her truck, gave her a television. Nobody’s perfect, but this was truly getting led down a path, then she blocks you and people are disposable, no concept on real life. Just kicks you to the curb at will and doesn’t understand how I could be upset and “live in the past” or better yet, keep bringing things up when all they did was repeat themselves. She currently resides in Colden and probably, has adds on match.com (where she admitted to stalking her ex); eharmony and ashleymadison and others. She’a gem. Consider this fair warning.


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