Where Liars and Cheaters Live!

Jennifer Tucker of Fort Wayne, Indiana

I want to start by saying that it’s not completely her fault, he could have said no. This is a girl that was a friend of mine, she told me all about herself and everything she had done…..when I realized that she was starting to do it to me and my family I told him that I wasn’t comfortable with her around anymore, that lasted maybe a week. Jennifer’s history with men is disturbing to the women out here that are honest and faithful! She has 4 kids, her oldest is the product of her screwing a married man! Than she moved on to the next TAKEN man, she got a job babysitting for a couple with a young son….that didn’t last very long, she liked the amount of money the dad was making so she went ahead and broke up the little family she was working for! She ended up eventually getting pregnant with twins by him, they were on again off again….I met her right before an off moment, she moved out of Florida until she had the babies than she came back, they got married….they argued one night he was helping her stand up from sitting on the floor, the neighbors hav called the cops for there arguing, low and behold she has him arrested for battery on a pregnant woman!!!! All because he was helping her! This is when she finally told everyone that she’s pregnant! Her twins were a little over a year old. I would stop with my kids and my boyfriend, him and I have twins together, she would sit outside for almost an hour smoking while her one year olds would be unsupervised…. neither I or my boyfriend would like what she was doing, leaving her young kids unattended and chain smoking while pregnant! Now is where she sets her eyes on MY family!!! She was messaging my boyfriend asking him to come “fix” things for her, he always told her no! He already knew how I felt about her so he just kept telling her no. Until one day him and I got into a huge argument, some was about her, the rest was our own personal issues…….guess who found out we split up?!? I wasn’t even moved out yet and she started on him! He loved the attention…….she was forced to move by the court so off she went back to Indiana! All the while him and I are working on our relationship, we were both trying…..spending a lot of time together, sleeping together….and raising our kids together. She kept pushing more and more even tho she’s 1100 miles away. She had the baby last year. Mind you him and I are still working on things, in April of this year she buys him a plane ticket and he actually goes up there leaves our kids with his mother and has sex with her, with her youngest in the room!!!!! How sick is that??? I of course did not know that he had left the state until afterwards, when he came back he still is with me! I’m not perfect, but this is something I would have never done! To this day he is still telling me that he loves me and still wants to sleep with me. I did have a restraining order on him for almost a month for something that he did to me, the court dismissed it I’m ok with that. Not even 24 hours after it was dismissed he was back on the phone telling me that he still loves me and wants to be friends again and see where it goes with us……I don’t think that I can ever be friends with him again until she’s completely out of his life! He is the father of my children and that’s it at this point……and Jennifer just know that because of his love for me and our kids…..I will ALWAYS be in his life & he will ALWAYS come running back to me, it’s just MY choice on letting him back or not!!!! So how does it feel to break up three families?? How do you sleep at night?? Your a horrible person and mother!

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