Jerome Szymusiak Webster NY, I have been a long time friend of this ass and thought he was serious about changing when he started going to church. He got worse. And what he did to the only girl who I heard from my mutual friend of hers and saw myself what he was trying to hide but blew up. He got the only girl who ever loved him in his life and not just for a little while but it was a good chance never been given to him before.she was brilliant and successful and the most beautiful woman who ever gave him any time. He left her pregnant with his baby cheated on her in front of her and she put shit together and I was told his girlfriend’s name and still forgave him because she said she understood that he was going to fuck up somehow and drinking wasn’t a option to him no more. She was either that stupid but I have a feeling that she was scared about being alone with his baby, and still loved him even though his verbal abuse got really bad and I couldn’t see it anymore. He needs to know how much he fucked up. I just heard she finally moved on to the life where she is still living and she lost her baby. I say hers because he didn’t give a shit. He fucked with her head up until this last week and my wife heard she was going on with her life without him and going back to her husband. She was tortured by Jerome. Every day. We saw the most part of the reason why I am saying this ourselves and it makes me sick. He lost his one chance to be a better man by all of what she gave to him and I am so sorry for her after she lost the baby but she would only be making the biggest mistake of her life if she had his 5th kid. She never knew how bad it would be for her as he was not going to stop using her and every chic who looks like hell to most people and disgusting that I am so confused about how he can do what he does with the hoes who says their hoes when he had a woman who never should have been given a look at the world of sex lies and cheating nothing would have been a good thing for her. I hope she gets out for good. And I am going to still pray for him but it’s real hard now. He humilated a pregnant woman in the house he would just use her too as much as he wanted never acting like a man who loved her but said as long as it worked he loved her and she was like his other half because she knew how he felt and he got her. Bullshit but I hoped to be wrong. My friend who knows her told me most of her story but I have known him for decades and I know how he is and everything was his same stupid crap. He deserves more than to lose her. He needs to be blown up. He is a sick fuck. If any chic who is worth more than most of his usual hoes can see this first and believe it. It will happen to you and no matter what he is talking to you about now it is bullshit. Sorry for the waste of s minute. Run the fuck away. A woman who lost her baby would probably hope you did too but I think she is still in her own life running still away from the mental crap he did not to mention all the rest. Not cool Jerome and sorry bro but this shit is bad. We know more than you have a clue as to how much. We are sick with how much you have wasted your life with this. Change man. You won’t but you need to. Your sick. Really fucking sick man.