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Jon Peter Clark of Orange County, California

How to start. JON PETER CLARK DOB 01/14/1973 born in Bell California. Son of Margaret and Royal Clark. I’ll start from the begining in 1996, he beat the crap out of me because he was high from shooting up methanphedamine, which our agreement was that I did not tolerate any drugs. He is a “recovered” heroine and methanphedamine addict that now takes pain pills to hide, yet still feed his addiction, stating that it is because of his dental work, yet he has not taken the money or time to take care of his teeth, still taking the pills 10 years later. I have seen him take as many as 20 hits of acid and he likes to reminise about his druggie days (which by the way are still going on seeing as he smokes pot a few times a day, daily and does not have a drs note – also will take anything he can get his hands on drug wise or jewlery wise). This person is out of control, he is a slippery predator and does not seem to have a concious but at the exact same time is a VERY effective liar. He has been lying for so long that I am sure he believes most of it. That’s how he is able to be so convincing. He told me once that I was the only woman he had never cheated on, yet I had been told my many of his short term frieds (he has no long term ones) that he was cheating. Everytime I confronted him he dumped that friend and stated that it was because the friend wanted to sleep with me. Truth be told, they were telling me because they said I was nice and they felt bad for what he was doing. For example (he didnt have a car for a long time, I did and I worked, so in the day time I let him use my car) he would say he was “looking for a job”

but actually he was picking up girls in my car and taking them to bars and drinking, then screwing them in my car at the park- what a father!) He has been cronically unemployed for the last 5 years. The only job he had long term, he had because I vouched for him with his own brother, who didnt trust him at all. Before that he was living off of other women. I really thought I was speacial because of how much attention he gave me, how he seemed to adore me, yet cheated again 1 month after we were married – we dated for 5 years to make sure) well marriage for him was free sex and free things he would get from my faimily, but they saw right through him and pulled away. I though that if I could show him a better life that he would appreciate me. But his damage is too deep for anyones love or any amount of love to fill. He is a cracked vessel and will only drain you of your self esteem, (blames his philandering on you or says you’re crazy, or better yet says you are cheating on him, even though you don’t and lies to your face even when you have hard proof.) money, (he likes the finer things in life that I explosed him to – yet will not work for them), he ALWAYS has the perfectly romantic words and timing – like a dream, yet can’t or won’t back those words up with any action – only flowers, he will string you along to get what he wants. He is very smooth and effective at lying. He only truly cares for himself, but hes good, he’ll pretend (like with animals or your children) and try to suck you in, or with your elderly relatives – hes really good, really). I had 2 children with him, he didn’t pay them much attention, unless he wanted information from them. Love does not flow from his heart, his version of love is putting his dick in you. He wouldn’t even let the children go to the store with him because he was too busy smoking pot and meeting women he mets on mingle2, plenty of fish (pof) porn hub, dating for sex, chubby dating.com ok cupid.com, etc. He has a VERY long criminal record. His CDC # is H15841 (California Department of Corrections) and there are some recent cases too (look up his name in orange county superior court website). One charge was for the heroine and cocaine posession from january 2012 (he made a deal with an undercover cop to get out of the felony charge because that would have been his 3rd strike – then screwed the ofificer over) and another for assault and battery for 2013, he got out of the car on the free way and spit in a womans face. He has previously robbed an elderly woman of her credit card and then she picked him out of a line up and he went to prision. He is an Arsonist that is supposed to register but has not in years. He has gone to make a bank deposit for me and then taken the money and only put in a reciept “accidentally”. He has stolen my ATM card and take out cash with out my permission. He has, on more than one occasion, pawend all of my jewlery. He gets violent when confronted, and I ultimately had to have him removed from my home and get a restraining order, while he was “getting his things”, he wrote all over my wedding gown (that was saved for our daughter) with a sharpie disgusting foul names. He threw my personal items in the swimming pool. He put push pins through the foreheads of OUR son’s pictures that were on the walls. He has been court ordered to anger managent twice. He was in prision in and out for more than 10 years. He claims to be an “Arian Soldier” and has swastikas tattoed on himself, he has a huge “SGV Azuza” tattoo across his stomach. He has a blurry tiger tearing out of the left forearm. He has “WHITE POWER’ across his knees. He has “meth monsters” on his back. He has only about 9 teeth all in the front. On his penis it states “Arian Sword, YOUR NAME” and also has a happy face and a swasticka on it. Across the front aboce the pubic hairline it says “ride the lightening” spet wrong on purpose he says “because when you ride the Arian Sword you are enlightened”. Ugg. In case you read this and he convinces you its not him, his birthday is 01/14/1973. He has a huge scar of his back through the meth monsters from a hunch he has that was a cyst. Please be aware. I just hope to spare another intelligent hard working woman from being seduced and romanced in to this horrible trap of a lies, deceit cheating and money grubbing. He is very nice at first but then (as with everything in his life) when you are the old toy, he just gets possessive, jealous, controlling, and ultimately violent, but will accuse you of doing whatever HE seems to be guilty of. He has smashed my cell phone so I could not call the police after he has hit me, he has thrown chairs at me, back handed me to where I fell, flipped me in the kitchen onto my back because he was caught and I grabbed his phone. He has punched me, at times forced me to have sex with him. I didnt report some of these acts because he would state it was my fault, pushed me, slapped me, slapped a wine glass out of my hand, and then later pretends to be sorry (but NEVER says sorry – actually it will be because of something YOU did), he can even muster up tears if it means getting away with something. He violates your provacy and will strip you of your self worth, self esteem, dignity, life and distance you from your friends and family. Please take heed as he IS a master manipulator and a VERY effective liar. Our therapist stated that he has “borderline personality disorder with narcisstic tendancies and post tramamtic stress disorder from the years in prision”. I was told “he sees no future with anyone or anything and does what ever he can for himself to survive day by day”. If you are looking for a long term relationship with a fulfilling friendship or even a good father, I cannot vouch for him. He wasn’t even a good step-father, he treated them second class. I made a very poor choice in him and I hope I have been able to stop you from doing the same. 6 of the 20 women (ones that I know of) have personally called me and told me themselves the whole story because after they met me, they saw that I was not the person he sob storied about, and they felt so guilty that they told me themselves EVERYTHING, then of coarse, first he lies and tried to make me belive I’m imagining it all, then when confronted with details, time places, picturesm names, numbers etc;. he says it was innocent and that they wanted him and they are just slutty. I have a daughter and I have plenty of neices, I do not want them to end up with a guy like this, and so in the spirit of prevention for woman kinds heart, soul and well being, I warn you ALL againt this self serving preditor. Please, Please take heed and don’t do this to yourself or your children. I am sorry I have unleashed this monster into the world but I could no longer bear the burden and he put his hands on me just one too many times. Blessed be. Please stay safe out there.

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