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Kathy Holder, La Grange, California

My boyfriend Matthew and I were together for 9 years .. we share 1 son and my daughter .. we moved to Lagrange, CA on the 4 th of July 2015. Our neighbors were cool the man was a handy man and his girlfriend Kathy Holder from Turlock was cool but you could totally tell that she was basically dirty white trailor trash tweeker .. she always was so clingy to me always asking for ciggarettes ..well I work in Los Banos and every day I’d go to work ..well one day I get home and this fat cow and my man are screwing on my living room floor…I couldn’t believe it .. I went out of my way to try to be her friend and this is wst she dose.. Kathy holder is dirty .. shady ..shes a bagwhore… so if u ever are in La Grange, CA on Yosemite blvd watch ur man cuz this bitch is scandalous ..shes also a theif…


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