Where Liars and Cheaters Live!

Kristin Myers of Morgan City, Louisiana

First off. Let me start by saying my bf and I have been together 5 years. This homewrecker came into our lives 2 years ago. She is my brother’s baby momma! For the last month my boyfriend started acting weird. Not coming to bed at night, staying on his phone all the time, putting passwords on his phones. He changed all his email Facebook information. Well we went to pick up her kids for the weekend and I noticed she was following my bf around like a little puppy dog. So I asked my boyfriend what that was about. He said they were talking about my brother. Well I checked his phone one night and found all their text messages. She was saying how she was in love with him. They were sending naked pictures to one another. Well I found out that SHE has rented motel rooms several of times for them to have sex in! She’s a home wrecking whore! She knew we were having issues and she presued him like a piece of meat. He is just as wrong for allowing it to happen. When asked about it they both lied trying to cover it all up. But whats done in the dark ALWAYS comes to light!! Beware Morgan city/Amelia (That’s where she works). She’s on the prowl looking for anybody’s man she can get! She sends me text messages thinking she is a woman. The bitch lives in a motel and works at a gas station.

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