Where Liars and Cheaters Live!

Lauren Wesselhoft

Lauren Wesselhoft has done it again. In Tucson she was known as the pepsi’d up stripper that cheated on every boyfriend she had, and after moving to Chicago for a “fresh start” she managed to make a new reputation for herself here. She’s found herself another boyfriend who she claims she’s remained faithful to (yet she flirts with any meat head she passes by) however her manipulation skills still remain above parr. She managed to isolate her boyfriend from his long time high school friends by basically acting like a psychotic witch and creating fights (both verbal and physical) with them. This chick is INSANE. She thinks cuz she’s worked out once or twice that she’s some force to be reckoned with and will instigate a fight with anyone that looks at her wrong. And when things get escalated she’ll call on her boyfriend to finish up what she started. Lauren Wesselhoft is bat shit crazy. 90% of the time she’s either stoned, drunk, or looking for ecstasy or acid which only fuels her psychotic episodes. Lauren, you’re not hot shit and nobody but your boyfriend wants to f’ you. You got no tits no ass and the worlds largest forehead. You’ve become hated in yet another city.

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