Where Liars and Cheaters Live!

Meagan Arenas, Fort Dix, New Jersey

This is Meagan Arenas, she decided to start hooking up with my husband of ten years while on a mission in Itialy (both Navy) after seeing phone records of them talking for long periods of time into the night, I confronted him. He said “just friends, just friends” BULL SHIT and she had the balls to write me and whine about not being a homewrecker expessialy when kids are involved. As soon as they came back from Italy I caught him in so many lies and then had my 5 year old daughter try to lie to me. Beware New Jersey her husband tells me this is not the first time this slut has been on the prowl! She seems to only go after married men! maybe someday she will learn to keep her nasty disease infested legs closed, until then BEWARE of the giant smail trail she leaves behind!


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