Where Liars and Cheaters Live!

Natalie Barrera Bakersfield, California

This ” woman” is a piece of work. She started seeing this man a month after his step son passed away. They are both lowlifes and homewreckers in my eyes. The fiance of this man recieved a call at her place of employment telling her that her man was cheating on her and they then gave her Natalie number. She called her. Natalie stated she knew nothing of the man having kids and fiance and nothing about what they had been thru. Over the next few days Natalie continued to bash this man telling the fiance she should leave him and contiously saying she wanted nothing to do with him ever again. The fiance left him. But then found out she was pregnant. Nat as lie then called her to tell her that she is now with this man that she swore up and down she wanted nothing to do with. Was this her plan the whole time? Yes it was. This man and woman are both heartless snakes. This man has 9 kids by 8 women. He works at subway. They work together. However he doesn’t see any of his kids. The way I see it is that karma is a bitch. She wants his so much she can have him.

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