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Oliver Shoemaker of Albuquerque, New Mexico

Oliver Shoemaker now lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico and is the Slot Operations Manager of Santa Ana Star Casino. Oliver is a real low life. He uses his job to pray on unsuspecting wives that are going through tough times. Oliver started his evil homewrecking career as a valet in Alpine CA at a a casino there. He has sinced moved from Indian casino to Indian casino. Also moving up in rank. My wife started staying at work just a little longer each night and coming home smelling like booze. When I confronted her about it she lied. I knew something was up. I went and sat near her car one night as she was due to be off. Sure enough this scum back walked her to the car and laid a long kiss on her. I rolled up on them and let the shit fly. My wife assured me nothing had happen yet, just kissing, and it only just started a week or so prior. One day while man handling this chicken sh*t he threw her under the bus and ratted out another co-worker she did fuck. Brad Sauter…we will get to him in another post. So Oliver in an attempt to save his own skin kicked her and another to the curb. He is almost as low as the other fucktard. ALMOST! I my opinion he heard she f*cks around, made friends with her, then at the right time…went for it. It was rumored he had dine this several times b4 with other wives. Just because he got caught b4 the deed with mine DOES NOT make him any less a pile of shit. Send him and or his current bosses a warm fuck you for haboring such a low life HOMEWRECKER!

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