Where Liars and Cheaters Live!

Regen Smith from Crown Point, Indiana

My husband and i hadnt even been married for a year, we decided to take seperate vacations during christmas so we could both see our families. While i was in Las Vegas in and out of the emergency room with a kidney infection, he was having sex with his ex girlfriend, Regen Smith. We made it home and i was clueless thinking he’d been faithful. several months passed and one day he went out fishing and had left his phone. I opened it to see that he had been texthing Regen and read a very detailed descipription of how he went down on her and they had sex. He had continued to text her after the vacation asking her for nude pictures and wanting to know what she was doing. Whats makes this all so much worse is that the ring on my finger had once belonged to her. I spoke to her about it but she didnt seem to care. When i confronted him about this he actually yelled at me as if it was all my fault. Then he begged me to stay. I stupidly believed he was sorry, and stayed. He bacame very abusive and not even a week after i found out he cheated on me he hit me. He got a new phone and a new password so that i couldnt get into it. Finally i left him and moved in with my parents because he left me without a pot to piss in. He promised me he would pay for the divorce but suddenly last month he decided he doesnt want to pay. What made all of this even more strange is the fact that he actually wanted to talk about getting divorced because up until that point any time i brought it up he would call me names and hang up on me. Thats when i found out he and Regen are officially back together. He actually went through the trouble of sending me a twitter notification to rub it in my face. Then after cussing at me and calling me names he decided that i should have to take care of the divorce without his help. I know she knows he’s because i talked to her myself, whats even more baffling is that she knows how abusive he is. You cant fix stupid.

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