Where Liars and Cheaters Live!

Tania Nieto of Los Lunas, New Mexico

More than 2 yrs and this “woman” still looking for my husband even knowing Im pregnant She promised to stay away from us.But every single night she texted him with I LOVE YOU SO MUCH U DONT KNOW HOW MUCH YOU MEANT TO ME. She is 40 and someone betrayed her home but she forgive him and after 21 yrs of marriage they broke up now she is doing the same to me all the pain she felt is the nothing compare to mine pain and my suffering. Why not someone else yes maybe that guy who sent you coffees every week or that guy who knows you like the white stuff as he called it. Or why that person who gave you a wine bottle. Why my husband?? Why not someone of your age why one 11 yrs younger than you. I feel sorry for you really but God bless you and everything we have done before we would pay with those things we love the most it will not be the same when someone else do this to your daughter or son.

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